A Mobile Gas Lift Unit

IPS AutoBooST® is a patented technology PCT/GB2020052212 which consists ofa decentralized gas lift system using the gas from the well in a compressed form to be reinjected to boost low energy wells.
The recycling process is ensured by a fully automated system to guarantee the safety of the operation.
The main features of AutoBooST® are:

- 3 Stages compressor skid for Gas Lift
- Multiphase Boosting/pumping
- Metering and flow monitoring with the RPM skid
- Self-powered unit using fuel gas.
- Realtime production data monitoring and transmission

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Technical Specs

Oil Flow 11 m3/hr
Water Flow 11 m3/hr
Gas Lift Flow @ 120Barg 40,000 Sm3 / day
Gas Lift Flow @ 160Barg 35,000 Sm3 / day
Gas injection pressure 160 Barg
Suction Pressure 2 – 25 Barg
Suction Temperature 80 DegC

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